VoiceBank - Voice Jam in Taipei


Initiative Other

Category Creative

URL https://moztw.kktix.cc/events/voice-jam

Hashtag #voicejam-tpe

Description VoiceBank is a project to create an open dataset of people’s voices. Then anyone can make new voice tools and help break the silos of the voice-enabled internet, ensuring we all have a voice in the internet’s future. Join us this weekend to contribute to Mozilla VoiceBank project by making fun mobile experiences that encourage people to donate their voice. Anyone is welcome to come! 我們目前正在各地舉辦 Voice Jam 活動,希望能設計出數種收集語音資料的有趣方式,以鼓勵人們貢獻自己的語音資料。這個週末就加入我們,一起來腦力激盪,練習設計思考的技巧,試著設計出有趣的手機遊戲體驗吧。

Venue Mozilla Taipei Office

City Taipei

Region Taiwan

Country Taiwan

Photos - https://goo.gl/photos/BN86B6WsJkvfcny48