Mozilla - Drawing on the walls

SEP 2012


Description ::::: Full Details Below :::::

Venue Jalazoun camp for Palestinian refugees

City Ramllah

Region West Bank

Country Occupied Palestinian Territory

Pictures of Mozilla Wall Drawings

Event :

Event includes two parts:

  • Part I - duration of about half an hour
    We'll talk about the Mozilla Foundation in general (10 min )
    Firefox ( 10 min ) , Thunderbird ( 10 ) .
  • Part II : To the end of the day .
    A group of young people, most of them volunteers will paint on the walls, in an area called (Jalazoun camp for Palestinian refugees), in this area living is difficult, and buildings there is not coated with paint. So we decided to paint on there walls. and will be a variety of graphics, there will be allocated for Mozilla in the graphics, the intention here is to draw a logo Firefox or Thunderbird or any other things on the walls as well.

  • During the drawing process, many people will come to the region in order to watch. In these moments I'm going to speak to them, and tell them about Mozilla and its activities. And some of us also will wear the Mozilla T-Shirts.
    7-10 people will painting.
    5-7 paints.

Event Report :

  • First of all “ I’m happy :) “
  • Today, Sunday 08/09/2012 , new activity from Mozilla community has been executed in Palestine .
  • The activity was in Al-Jalazoun for refugee camp, and exactly in the walls of Al-Jalazoun boys school . This activity was coordinated by Department Of Refugee Affairs in PLO “Palestine Liberation Organization”. The execution done by “ Al Heet “ group , this group contains about 21 artist , 7 of them were with me , and their main works were drawing on walls .
  • Activity took about 5 hours, many people see the drawings when we were there, 4 media agencies came to activity site , they took some photos and made some interviews .
  • Many students came to us and they were very happy to see the drawings, they were joking and singing and some of them stay with us until activity finished. Some Childs was Running and call me "Firefox".

Here is some Childs :

  • The most interesting thing in the activity is “its Place “, which located on a main street that connect the most north Palestine to Ramallah city. And there on a pitfalls, make the driver reduces speed to make the car walk slowly there.
  • Nine drawings done at these walls, One for “ Firefox Logo “ and the other is “ Mozilla Palestine Logo “ with other different 7 drawings the related to the Palestinian’s life .
  • Several persons came from different centers, and pleased to meet me and in what they saw, and expressed their willingness to cooperate with Mozilla in any future project will be implemented in Palestine. I am so welcomed.
  • And of course I’ve recruit a new person for Mozilla rep that he was helping me today, and he fill an application too.
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