Mozilla Warangal Meetup & Discussion.

DEC 2013

Category Campus, Diversity and Inclusion, Marketing, Metrics, People, Public Relations, User Engagement, User Research

Hashtag #PlanMCW

Description A meeting for all Mozillians and Reps in the region to understand existing metrics and make an action plan for next year. 1. Plan event timelines 2. Increase contributors by understanding what the Mozillians really need. 3. Discussion on existing work being done and grouping new teams for 3.1. Web Maker 3.2. Coding onto Firefox and Hg workflow. 3.3. Git workflow and Git based Mozilla Open source projects. 3.4. Publicity and Event Management. 3.5. Women in Mozilla ( WoMoz )

Venue TBD

City Warangal

Region Andhra Pradesh

Country India

Will be updated soon.

8 attending, including...