Mozilla Weekend Tirana


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Hashtag #mozweekend

Description Organized by the Mozilla Albania Community and 2 Reps in Albania, Elio Qoshi and Redon Skikuli, Mozilla Weekend aims to bring the community closer together by working, socializing and sharing ideas. It also aims into bringing interested people into the community and showing them what Mozilla is about, in order to grow the local community even more It will be held in a well located university in Tirana, for 2 days, 6 hours a day. Tickets will be free, but need to be reserved via Eventbrite

Venue Tirana Ekspres

City Tirana

Region Durrës

Country Albania

Saturday 8th February

10:00-11:00 Welcome speech, Introducing Mozilla Albania Commmmunity,Firefox Student Ambassadors,ReMo and other positions at Mozilla / Competition Mention

11:00-11:45 Introducing Persona / Get involved at Mozilla; become a Mozillian/ How to contribute

11:45-12:00 Introduce Lightbeam

12:00-12:15 Break (Snacks & Drinks)

12.15-13:15 Thunderbird introductionary workshop and installfest

13:15-13:50 IRC Basics

13:50-14:10 Mailing List Basics

14:10-15:00 Revelations from Mozilla: EPIC Games Browser Gaming / Webmaker collaboration / WebFWD / Open Badges

15:00-15:45 Introduction to Webmaker

15:45-16:00 Roundup/ Summary of Day 2 Activities

Sunday 9th February

10:00-10:40 Introduce the Firefox Channels: Beta, Aurora, Nightly / Hands on: Firefox Australis

10:40-11:30 The best addons for your Firefox. Addons Installfest / Introducing Firefox Sync

11:30-12:15 Presentation: Firefox OS / Introducing Firefox OS / What is it/ Competition Mention

12.15-13:15 Install the Firefox OS Emulator inside Firefox / Hands on the Firefox OS devices!

13:15-13:30 Break (Snacks & Drinks) 13:30-13:45 Firefox OS Workshop & small competition announcement

13:45-15:15 Firefox OS Basic Workshop: Build your first app with HTML5

15:15-15:40 Review of the workshop/ Prize Giveway 15:40-16:00 Group Photo & Closing Speech

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