Mozilla ZImbabwe Community meet-up

MAR 2013

Category Recruiting, User Engagement


Hashtag #mozilla_zimbabwe

Description The first meeting with potential contributors to the project. This meeting will focus on enlightening the contributors of how a Mozilla Community is organised, how to contribute and most importantly, the Mozilla project.This is also meant to identify dedicated individuals who could also work in organising future events.

Venue Twitter's Cafe

City Bulawayo

Area Bulawayo

Country or Region Zimbabwe

Swag will be offered to all in attendance and we will go through a lot of wikis from the different functional areas in the project to give all in attendance a feel for how much there is to do.

Instructions For attendees

  • Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and Cameras.

  • There's a WhatsApp group created to make comms easier.if you'd like to be added, email me at terrameijar [at] gmail [dot] com for more info

  • Please confirm whether or not you will make it before the 24th

1 attending, including...