#MozKopDar Bareng RAN

DEC 2013

Category Firefox OS, People, Public Relations, User Engagement

Hashtag #MozKopDarRAN #MozKopDarBKS

Description Fun gathering event of Mozillians with RAN (www.ranforyourlife.com), one of Indonesian top music group. RAN will interact with Mozillians, their fanbase and the general public about Mozilla projects. This event will also promote Mozilla Indonesia Photo Contest and Batik Contest to the public. RAN will also perform an acoustic set of their hit songs.

Venue Harley Davidson Cafe, Bekasi Square

City Bekasi

Region Jawa Barat

Country Indonesia

Agenda: - Opening - Mozilla Manifesto screening - RAN interact with the audience about Mozilla - Introduction of Photo Contest and Firefox Batik Contest - Fun games - RAN acoustic performance - Closing

6 attending, including...