MozPizza Hackathon SUMO Brazil 2017

NOV 2017

Initiative Other

Category User Support (SUMO)


Hashtag MozPizzaSuMoBR

Description Last year we had our first MozPizza Hackathon and it was a great success. We achieved all goals that were established and had a wonderful time together as a team and a group of friends. With the upcoming launch of Quantum we plan to repeat this event.

Venue SUMO video Room

City Online

Region Online

Country Brazil


MozPizza Hackaton is an online marathon served by pizzas that has as main objective to:

Answer questions made in support forum;

Localize, update and/or localize articles in KB;

Answer the questions and comments on Twitter and Facebook using Social Support tools.


At least 70 articles in knowledge base localized/reviewed.

100% questions in support forum about Firefox (Desktop, Android and iOS) answered.

At least 50 questions/comments in Social Support answered.

At least 10 volunteers involved


Date and Local

Date: November 15th starting at 18h BRT

Local: SUMO video Room


1 Pizza per person

1 Drink non alcoholic per person

5 attending, including...