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Hashtag MozSetupIIT

Description The event will start with Inauguration of Firefox Club @ IIT KGP, moving on to Mozilla mission and Mozilla's Innovation. Students will be encouraged to contribute in FOSS. Talk session will be based on Webmaker, SUMO, Localization, MDN, Firefox OS, Mozilla Codebase etc.

Venue IIT Kharagpur

City Kharagpur

Region West Bengal

Country India

Event Schedule:-

  • Day1

Talk Sessions:

  • Inauguration of Firefox Club @ IIT KGP .

  • Introduction to Mozilla and the Mozilla Mission.

  • Introduction to Mozilla Products and Innovations.

  • How to start with Contributions and where to start from.

  • Introductions to Webamaker Tools.

  • Hands-on session on Webamaker Tools.

  • Introduction to SUMO

  • Introduction to Localization

  • Introduction to FSA.


  • Day2


  • Introduction to Firefox OS.
  • Firefox OS App Development.
  • Getting Started with Mozilla Central Codebase.
  • BugsAhoy, and submitting your first patch to Mozilla.
  • Bugs resolution code sprint.
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