MozTour at NITDGP


Initiative Other

Category People

Hashtag #mozdgp

Description This would be two days event where in 1st day there will be only introductory sessions and in 2nd day, we have hackathon for participants.


City Durgapur

Region West Bengal

Country India

Two Day event Schedule:-

Day 1:

Talk Sessions:

  1. Registration
  2. Introduction
  3. Introduction to Mozilla
  4. Introduction to Mozilla’s project.
  5. Introduction to Webmaker project.
  6. Introduction and Demo on FirefoxOS.
  7. Introduction to webmaker
  8. Introduction to session of SUMO
  9. Introduction to QA
  10. Introduction to L10n
  11. Introduction to FSA
  12. Introduction to WoMoz
  13. Introduction to MLS
  14. Introduction to MDN
  15. Introduction to MSL
  16. What can I for mozilla session
  17. Small session how they can protect their defaults in Window 10
  18. Showing resources for Firefox OS app development
  19. Distribution of Mozillaswags. 19 Group Photo
  20. End of the party

Day 2:

Hack Sessions:

There will be hack sessions for

  1. Webmaker
  2. SUMO
  3. QA
  4. l10n
  5. MDN
  6. App development
  7. Coding
  8. Testing
  9. Writing
  10. etc.

8 attending, including...