MozTW Steps 2014 Spring


Category Apps, Campus, Creative, Developer Documentation, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS, Marketing, Mozilla Leadership Network, Open Badges, People, Recruiting, User Engagement, User Support (SUMO)


Hashtag #moztwsteps

Description MozTW Steps 2014 Spring is a two-day planning and discussing hackthon. We would like to invite all community members who contributed to Mozilla-related projects during last six months to participate, planning events for the following months, setting targets, and recruiting new community members/Mozillians by producing videos, blog posts, and documents.

Venue Taichung City

City Taichung City

Region Taichung City

Country Taiwan

Below explains the elements of the event and design concepts, please check the full proposal on Thimble.

  • Mozilla projects 2013 recap: Some community members will take 5 minutes for each project to explain the status of projects that MozTW is currently involved in.
  • Projects include but not limited to: Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox OS, Webmaker, SUMO, L10N, Community Building, MDN.
  • Composing and Grouping: Participants must decide their main contribution area for next six months according to their times, and look for other participants. Everyone has couple of minutes to tell their idea/opinions to others.
  • Organizing and Implementing: For the contribute area that the participant is interested in for next months, break into teams with fellows to set goals, examine resources, evaluate timeframe, and plan for steps to accomplish the tasks. If they have extra time, they can begin researching, or even start contributing to the project.
  • Opinions Exchange: Brainstorming by exchanging participant's own ideas with other groups, and giving suggestions to other groups.
  • Results: Each group must product a brief document to introduce themselves, the area they're contributing to, steps to contribute, and ask for help. In the end of the second day, each group has to give a 5-minute lightning talk to explain their plans, the talk will be recorded and published on-line for recruiting more contributors.

5 attending, including...