ne_NP Localization of Firefox for Android (And Desktop) [Offline Version]


Initiative Other

Category Localization

Hashtag #moznpl10n, #moznpl10sprint

Description As discussed with localization drivers, this event is a consecutive event after an online localization sprint. These events have the following goals a) Find and Involve Volunteers to Finish Firefox for Android localization. b) Find a way to retain the volunteers c) Focus a bit more on Quality of localization in such a way that a volunteer focusing on quality will have higher ranking. d) Use the information gathered during Review of the localization to start creating a Style Guide.

Venue SAP Falcha, Babarmahal, Kathmandu

City Kathmandu

Region Bagmati

Country Nepal

This event is a second event of two consecutive events. The first event is a online 2-week long localization sprint in which the major goal is to complete the localization of Firefox for Android.

We tried to localize this because it is shorter in string length and we can keep volunteers motivated if they can see their work reflected sooner. Since we have about 3k words shared in Firefox for Android and Firefox Desktop we will only be handful of strings left to localize Firefox Desktop.

The main purpose of this offline event is to motivate the online volunteers. Since people are eager to "win" a competition in this place, we will select top 10 people from online sprint to take part in offline event.

The other members in the offline event will be lingustic experts who will help us create Style Guide which is one of our goals for September Hackathon happening in New Delhi.

We will also set other goals for the September Hackathon in this event.

There will also be information dissemination session so that everyone agrees to a common standard of localization.

This event was planned by physically meeting with the Reps in our community so we have not maintained any planning pad. The event plan was then validated by l10n drivers in a series of emails exchanged between us.

PS: The metric "String localized" is the expected metric of combined online sprint and offline event.