Open Source Meetup Kanpur + RainOfRust

JUN 2017

Initiative MozActivate

Category Rust

Hashtag #ActivateKanpur #MozUP #Mozactivate #rainofrust

Description It's a Mzactivate event and includes first sessions on Open Source and projects related to Mozilla. It will also include details about participation guidelines and exposure with the recent development in Mozilla UP community followed by web development/webcompat + Tech talk by some leading entrepreneurs from Kanpur zone.

Venue Allies Interactive 18/179, 3rd Floor, Ganga Tower, The Mall, Kursawan, Downtown, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001

City Kanpur

Area Uttar Pradesh

Country or Region India

Secondly, we will dive into Rust programming language under the Rain of Rust campaign with brief introduction and hands on code lab + deep dive discussion on C routine replacement in Linux kernel using rust + present MozUP members will be showcasing some of their projects and rust development + development cycle and contribute towards rust language

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