Orange Klif App Challenge


Initiative Firefox OS Launch campaign

Category Firefox OS


Hashtag #klifappchallenge

Description As the Firefox OS phone "Orange Klif" is launched in Madagascar, a Firefox OS app development Challenge is launched by Orange Madagascar to make more local apps available to users. Mozillians are working with Orange to teach Open Web Apps development and help local developers to develop for Firefox OS.

Venue Madagascar

City Antananarivo

Region Analamanga

Country Madagascar


Inscriptions are open from October 1st to October 12th on Everyone that applied between those date will be considered for the challenge.


There will be tutorials about Open Web Apps development provided on October 14th and 15th at 09AM. The tutorials will be provided by Mozillians in Madagascar. Formations will be provided by Mozillians in 5 different cities on the same time. Mozillians will talk about Open Web Apps Firefox Marketplace * Firefox OS


After the formation, participants will have one month to develop their apps. Apps should be uploaded in Firefox Marketplace before November 20th. After that, judges from Mozilla and Orange will decide the 5 best apps. The winner will be announced on November 27th.