Play IT Show + Veletech 2015 Autumn


Initiative Other

Category Firefox OS


Hashtag #playit

Description The biggest game, IT and mobile show of the country will be held again on 28 and 29 of November with Veletech. Running booth * Showcase Firefox * Showcase Firefox OS phones * Showcase Firefox developer and education program * Introduce other Mozilla projects * Introduce Play in Browser games

Venue Hungexpo

City Budapest

Region Budapest

Country Hungary

PlayIT Show is the successor of Budapest Game Show, the first real Hungarian gamer expo. It provides quality fun for people of all ages and genders, who are interested in the world of IT, mobiles and videogames two times a year (in spring and autumn/winter).

Veletech: Companies: Alcatel, BlackBerry, Cooler Master, First Computer, G-Form, GoPro, Hangbarlang, HTC, Huawei, LG, Media-Tech, Microsoft, Mozilla (Firefox OS), MSI, Nokia, Olympus, Samsung, Sony, Speedshop, TDK, WayteQ Supporters: ASUS, Telenor Presentations, app showcases, ITsec, focusing on mobile. One of the largest mobile conference for end users.

From now on, visitors will be able to admire the newest next-gen consoles, try out the most exclusive game titles, compete with each other, shop for amazing softwares and useful gadgets that are on low price just during the event, and last but not least, attend the on-stage presentations of the Hungarian media, enthusiasts and foreign guest speakers – all of this in a 7000+5500 m2 building!

Lots of young users, gamers and techie here. We will have a booth here. We are planning to promote free softwares gaming capabilities focusing on Firefox and Firefox OS games, and game developer possibilities.

Running booth Showcase Firefox OS Introduce other products, mainly we are focusing on mobile products and Sync WebMaker Firefox OS lessons Ask Mozilla to have a presenter This event was quite successful last year :) (Veletech Spring)

Showcasing Firefox new features OpenBadges Firefox Account Firefox demos (Unreal, etc), ported games Firefox OS games Developer resources (WebGL, WebRTC, etc.)