Privacy and secuirty Workshop @ CMCS

FEB 2014

Category Addons, Campus, Diversity and Inclusion, Evangelism Product, Mozilla Leadership Network, Open Badges, People, Privacy, Security

Hashtag #mozillanasik

Description * Mozilla Nasik community is planning a more practical oriented handson event at CMCS college Nasik for the interested who like to build the web. * The event is aimed at practical handson and understanding of the web for the students and Teachers. * Creation of FSA group at the college for further mozilla activities. * The procedures we can use to secure our privacy on the web.

Venue CMCS College Nasik

City Nashik

Area Maharashtra

Country or Region India


  • Hack the web using webmking tools X-ray goggles, Thimble and Popcorn.
  • Implimenting the Privacy and Security Teaching Kit by Laura Hiliger.
  • Lightbeam addon Handons.
  • How to make optimum usage of Firefox, understanding about:config, about:permissions and about:privatebrowsing.