Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2014


Category Developer Documentation, Diversity and Inclusion, Evangelism Product, Firefox Mobile, People, Privacy, Public Relations, User Engagement

Hashtag #RMLL2014Mozilla

Description RMLL or LSM in English (for Libre Software Meeting) is more than 200 conferences along 5 days made by worldwide speakers. It has been more than 10 years since the LSM started to put themselves at the disposal of Libre communities, professionals and general public ! Sharing of knowledge, freedom of information, community spirit, discussions, technological progress : every year the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) follows the Libre philosophy.

Venue Esplanade Charles de Gaulle

City Montpellier

Region Hérault

Country France

This year we were at RMLL (Libre Software Meeting) in Montpellier.

We had a booth both during public days (Saturday and sunday) and during the week (from monday to friday).

Saturday and sunday, we saw lots of people discovering Firefox OS, we did lots of demos and gave goodies/stickers.

During the week, we had lot of people also playing with Firefox OS and testing apps from Marketplace.

We flashed two users Geeksphone Keon to have them use latest stable or nightlies and gave them advice on how to contribute and report bugs.

We showed people on how to use the new WebIDE from Nightly to create applications.

We discussed with people about accessibility issues (mathematics formulas display on Wikipedia, Search field not enough visible on MDN).

Some asked us about Contacts & Calendar syncing and how to use their own servers (Cal/CardDAV and Microsoft Exchange support).

Around 5 people expressed they wanted to moved away from Android, and Firefox OS seemed the good solution.

Around 5 people wanted to move from their classic phone to a Firefox OS smartphone.

Multiple people were interested if they could flash Firefox OS on their existing Android phone

We helped people developing maps apps for debugging/tests.

We gave advices on how to use HTML5 blocks for development.

Multiple people were concerned about the terminal access on Firefox OS as an important factor if they will switch to Firefox OS

Some people were interested into the business model of Mozilla as on how Mozilla work with partners and if the Google contract still exists.

Helped people with various Flash related issues (slowness, crashes, not being able to watch certain videos etc.)

Some asked if it was possible to run C++/Java apps (from Android) on Firefox OS or if it's possible to port.

We did a Shumway demo (Flash implementation in JavaScript).

Some asked us about DRM support in Firefox.

Some people issues with Firefox are related to their OS (people running on Vista, Ubuntu having profile loss, slow navigation).

We talked about Web APIs (WebRTC...)

Some people asked us why we didn't partner with Canonical/Ubuntu OS.

Privacy: We told people about privacy respect and how it compares to Android/iOS.