Reps Indonesia Meetup 2015


Category Mozilla Reps


Hashtag #RepIDmeetup

Description Reps from all over Indonesia will be meeting for 3 days in Jakarta, from Friday 13 February to Sunday 15 February 2015. The meetup will aim to discuss the health of the Reps program and the overall community in Indonesia and strategically plan for programs, initiatives and activities for the next 6 months.

Venue Artotel

City Jakarta

Country Indonesia

Expected Outcome of Meetup

  • Mozilla Indonesia has even stronger confidence, excitement and motivation to push the project forward
  • New leadership roles are identified and assigned; this new leadership oversees a more sustainable, horizontal governance structure
  • New processes are put in place to streamline decision making, encourage participation, reduce bureaucracy and increase transparency
  • A robust roadmap of activities and initiatives for 2015 that tie back to product line goals is created and all participants are confident and excited about it
  • A local team to run a local Mozilla Community Space Jakarta is created
  • Creation of a Firefox OS Team, in preparation for a possible launch in 2015

12 attending, including...