Reps Peers: Council & Peers Emeritus Consultation (European time-zones friendly)

JUN 2018

Initiative Other

Category Community support / participation


Description This meeting is addressing Reps Peers, former Reps Peers (Emeritus) and former Reps Council Members (Council Emeritus).

Venue Online

City Munich

Region Bavaria

Country Germany


  • This is a Small Uncontrolled Experiment (SUE) to tap into the knowledge, wisdom and experience of Emeritus ReMo leadership.


  • Reps Module Owner and Peers invite Emeritus Reps Council Members and Reps Peers to a consultation session.
  • The objective is to inform about ongoing strategic initiatives and expand our consciousness based on Emeritus feedback.

Meeting Anatomy

  • We start with a 6-monthly cadence, centered around Mozilla All Hands meetings.
  • There will be a session which is friendly to American time-zones and another session a few days later which is friendly to European time-zones.

5 attending, including...