RightsCon 2019 - Young Leaders Summit


Initiative Other

Category Evangelism Mission

URL https://www.rightscon.org/youngleaders/

Hashtag #rightscon #mozilla

Description RightsCon is the world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age. It brings together business leaders, policy makers, general counsels, government representatives, technologists, and human rights defenders to connect, strategize, and shape the future. The RightsCon Young Leaders Summit brings together students and young professionals for a one-day workshop.

Venue Laico Hotel, Tunis

City Tunis

Area Tunis

Country or Region Tunisia

The program empowers young people to join policy and advocacy discussions around human rights in the digital age. Led by leaders of the digital rights community, the workshop engages participants on advocacy, policymaking, and movement building for a wide range of emerging issues, such as data protection and privacy, network discrimination and connectivity, digital security, diversity and digital inclusion, artificial intelligence and algorithmic accountability, and more.

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