Rust and JS

DEC 2017

Initiative MozActivate

Category Rust


Hashtag #MozSpaceJKT #MozBelajar

Description In this event, we will learn about how to use Rust together with JavaScript. Specifically, we will discuss how Rust works with NodeJS. In addition, one of the things that are being discussed, namely using Rust to generate Web Assembly, we will also see together. Thus, Rust and JavaScript cooperation in the browser, we can observe together.

Venue Mozilla Community Space Jakarta

City Jakarta

Region DKI Jakarta

Country Indonesia

This event is open for public, especially for JavaScript users who want to add new insights. Participants are allowed to bring laptops and try sample code together.

Adityo Pratomo (Chief Academic Officer at Froyo Framework) will share to the participants to explore things about the Rust programming language.

1 attending, including...