Rust Run - Day 9

AUG 2018

Initiative MozActivate - Dive into Rust

Category Code Contributions

Hashtag #MozActivate #RustRun

Description It is a series of part of the Rust Run Series, 2018. A discussion on Smart Pointers in Rust from Chapter 15 of TRPL.

Venue 91SpringBoard, Kormangala, Bangalore.

City Bangalore

Region Karnataka

Country India

A smart pointer is an abstract data type that simulates a pointer while providing added features, such as automatic memory management or bounds checking. Such features are intended to reduce bugs caused by the misuse of pointers while retaining efficiency. Smart pointers typically keep track of the memory they point to, and may also be used to manage other resources, such as network connections and file handles. Smart pointers were first popularized in the programming language C++.

Speaker: Sanchayan Maity