Salon Primevère 2016 / Espace numérique libre


Initiative Other

Category Firefox


Hashtag primevere

Description It's a huge fair held near Lyon. 29000 visitors last year. There's a big Free Digital space (Espace numérique libre) [1] where we will have a booth along with other open source and open internet projects: wikimedia, Libreoffice, Openstreetmaps for the most famous and other local communities (that we know from the JDLL). We were contacted to hold a booth and make demos of Firefox on smartphones and desktop. [1]:

Venue Eurexpo

City Chassieu

Region Rhône

Country France

We are advertized on their paper program as well as the website.

Out of the thousands of visitors, we expect a fair share to go into the digital space and talk with us.

We will also talk about privacy, open internet...