Screening of 'The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz'

NOV 2017

Initiative Other

Category Advocacy and policy


Description The Internet's Own Boy review – an engaging and moving documentary. A well-constructed telling of the life, prosecution and death of US hacktivist Aaron Swartz Swecha is a non-profit organisation committed to promote Free Software Movement in Telugu states is organising this event. I will be speaking about Open Access Movement, Open Science Movement and Mozila Science.

Venue Swecha Office, Gachibowli X Roads, Hyderabad 500032

City Hyderabad

Region Telangana

Country India

Aaron Swartz has also developed the site His landmark analysis of Wikipedia, Who Writes Wikipedia?, has been widely cited. Working with Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee at MIT, he helped develop and popularize standards for sharing data on the Web. He also coauthored the RSS 1.0 specification, now widely used for publishing news stories.

To say Swartz was a prodigy is an understatement. As an unknown teenager he was a co-designer of tools – like RSS and Markdown and of services like Reddit – that shaped the evolution of the web. He was also the kid who wrote most of the code underpinning Creative Commons, an inspired system that uses copyright law to give ordinary people control over how their digital creations can be used by others. Know more: