Selenium Unconference

APR 2013

Category Automation, Quality Assurance, User Engagement

Hashtag #CjSeUnCon

Description Selenium automates browsers. It'is a tool widely used in automated testing. Everybody uses it but there is nobody in Cluj that talks about using it. The Selenium Unconference will present Selenium to the Cluj-Napoca community, how it is used by big players in the industry and how we as a team can contribute to the Selenium project.

Venue Cluj Hub , str. Pitesti

City Cluj-Napoca

Region Cluj

Country Romania


  • Zac Campbell is a selenium user, sharer and also a Mozilla employee, part of the Mozilla WebQA team and he will talk about his experience using Selenium. Recently he has begun mobile testing Mozilla's FirefoxOS using their internally developed automated testing tool (Marionette) which has introduced him to interfacing automated tests with hardware (cameras, fingers) and mobile (cell) infrastructure.

  • Costin Ion is a Quallity Engineer Developer working for Adobe Systems where he has been developing tools for automated testing and developer productivity since 2008. He has over 9 years of test engineering experience in different areas including software security, eCommerce, web services, analytics. His main QA interests are leveraging testing processes and tools, task automation, open source testing tools. Outside the computing realm, he's interested in mountain climbing, biking and water sports.

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We where a aprox 80-90 persons attending the event. There was a full house with people sharing seets jut to see the talks. Ioana Chiorean was the facilitator of the event, introducing Florin Strugariu with the first presentation, Mozilla WebQA team and processes. After a session of Q&A and a coffee break, Costin Ion from Adobe Romania showed us how they implemented Selenium on their project. The talk was called Adobe BC test automation. We took one more Q&A and coffee break and at the end Zac Campbell talked about getting quality results from your Automatest Test Suite.

The event was a huge success and all the participants where asking about a fallow up event.