Software Freedom Day Campina Grande

SEP 2018

Initiative MozActivate - Test Pilot Install

Category Evangelism Product

Hashtag #softwarefreedomday

Description Freedom Day Software is a day worldwide free and open source software celebration. The event has been taking place simultaneously since 2004 in several cities around the world and is coordinated globally by [Software Freedom International], a non-profit organization created exclusively for the annual holding of the event in partnership with groups and user communities in various cities around the world.

Venue Faculdade Mauricio de Nassau - Unidade Palmeira

City Campina Grande

Region Paraíba

Country Brazil

Using & Testing Nightly

Every day, Mozilla developers write code that is merged into a common code repository (mozilla-central) and every day that code is compiled so as to create a pre-release version of Firefox based on this code for testing purposes - this is what we call a Nightly build. Once this code matures, it is merged into stabilization repositories (Beta) where that code will be polished until we reach a level of quality that allows us to ship a new final release version of Firefox to hundreds of millions of people. This development process used to ship a new version of Firefox every 5 to 8 weeks is called the Train Model. Join us to install and try Firefox Nightly.


  • Introduce Nightly channel and why it is important to use in your locale using your slide deck
  • Install Nightly on their devices
  • Telemetry
  • How to file Nightly bugs
  • How to install mozregression
  • How to triage or test bugs
  • Keep using Nightly

Read more at Using & Testing Nightly

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