Space Apps 2015


Initiative Stumbling in a Box

Category Apps


Hashtag #SpaceApps_CL

Description The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions (hackathon) to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space.

Venue Campus Santiago San Joaquín, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.

City San Joaquín


Country or Region Chile

Primary Audience: Software and hardware developers, open-source platforms. Languages html5, javascript, css, (webapps), java, android, python. Corporate Executives: Government of Chile, ONGs, NASA, ALMA, Startups, software companies (Kibernum), Open Street Map Foundation Chile, etc.

Workshop of MozStumbler


The Mozilla Location Service is an open service which lets devices determine their location based on network infrastructure like WiFi access points and cell towers. The service is accessible at

  • Provide a highly accurate geolocation service for any device and in any country, based on publicly sent signal information (like cell towers, Wi-Fi, IP addresses).
  • Improve the privacy aspects of the geolocation service compared to the current market offerings.

Community Mozilla Chile Booth in a Conference of two days mentoring developers.


Proximity to the target. Support for innovation. Strengthening the brand Firefox OS. Educate and inspire developers to work on HTML5 apps and submit them to the Firefox Marketplace.

6 attending, including...