Structuring Mozilla Nepal Localization Team


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Category Localization

Hashtag #moznpL10nMeet #moz_neNP

Description This event is focused on structuring the internals of Mozilla Nepal localization Team. This is a linked event from : Reading the additional Info section of this Event is kind of enforced.

Venue SAP Falcha, Babarmahal, Kathmandu

City Kathmandu

Area Bagmati

Country or Region Nepal

There are some changes from initial event, but at the core the gist of the event remains same. We succeeded so much in the Online sprint that we no longer have need to localize Firefox for Desktop and Firefox Android.

We also no longer have need to set Goals for the Indic Hackathon happening from Sep 23, since we are way beyond the initial predicted time frame and we did set the goal for the indic hackathon by meeting reps and other contributors in-person on our own.

This has not lessened our focus of the event though. These all advancements have rather increased the responsibility of us which needs to be taken care of and we believe that this event can be now utilized for so.

Quoting the previous event, "The main purpose of this offline event is to motivate the online volunteers. Since people are eager to "win" a competition in this place, we will select top 10 people from online sprint to take part in offline event."

The above mentioned paragraph is still valid, specially since the volunteers contributed a lot and were identified as probable long-term contributors.

Since we now have a reasonable number of volunteers specific to localization, It only seems valid to create a model which motivates them even more to contribute on other firefox products and continue on doing post-localization jobs such as reviewing and testing. So, In this event, the goals we will complete is:

a) Create a L10n Team under Mozilla Nepal Community composed of Administrators, Reviewers and Localizers.

b) Discuss on How to motivate localizers, get feedback from them, Create Localizer's Guide.

c) Information Dissemination from September Indic Hackathon from attendees to all members

Other Goals can be communicated if you look at the sessions section


  • Adding members to functional areas within l10n team (Reviewers [R], Localizers [L], Administrators [A])
  • Review of localization happened in previous events -> Participatory approach to pointing out current problems and solving it. [R] [L]
  • Revision of Currently Incomplete Style Guide [R] [A]
  • Correction of Incorrect-looking localization [R] [L]
  • Workshop on Testing Localizations [A->R]
  • Localization of Incomplete Projects [L]
  • Discussions on Training Localizers on various Topics: ) Language and Grammar, ) Translation Technologies, **) Internationalization, ... [R] [A] [With some inputs from L]
  • Discussion on Adopting a single standard to follow while localizing [R] [A]
  • Discussion on Handling Nepali Spelling Mess. [R] [A]
  • Open Session for Information Dissemination from September Indic Hacakthon

[R] ==> Reviewing Team [A] ==> Administration Team [L] ==> active Localizer's Team

5 attending, including...