Stumbling in a Box -Mozilla Nigeria

OCT 2015

Initiative Stumbling in a Box

Category Location Services

Hashtag #mozillanigeria #fsanigeria #mozillastumbler

Description This would be a GeoLocation Sprint where we will talk about the Mozilla Location Service.ways to Contribute to Mozilla and free and open projects introduction to stumbling tools that bring knowledge to participants on how to gather geolocation information in their cities. After which, participants will gather information and upload it to the Mozilla servers. The particpant would be encouraged to contribute more to the Mozilla Geolocation service.

Venue Covenant University

City Lagos

Region Lagos

Country Nigeria

The Venue would at the University of Lagos UNILAG which is central to the city. The Volunteers would gather and there would be a presentation on the Mozilla Geo-location service and a practical use of the Mozilla Stumbler app on Android.