Suez University Club Launch

APR 2016

Initiative Other

Category Recruiting

Description AS Mozilla Reps program aim to empower and to help push responsibility in order to help Mozilla contributor base grow & Mozilla Egypt strategy to Create new Clubs in all cities to spread Mozilla's mission and knowledge,build and support existing/future clubs,so we are helping this new club at it's 1st launch Event to show new comers what they do and Recruit new members to the club.we aiming to recruit huge NEW FSA we'll support them and help them to be a good contributor & qualified Mozilla rep

Venue Suez University

City Suez

Region Suez

Country Egypt

  • will give an intro about Mozilla in a session time 30 mins
  • how to involve with Mozilla ( L10N , Web , Qa , Marketing , add-on ) in a session time 1 hr
  • how to keep the web open , a HTML & CSS And the web maker tool session time 1:30 hr
  • break and coffee for 30 mins
  • how to contribute at market place by creating add-on and submit it in a session time 1hr
  • talk about Firefox OS session time 1 hr
  • open discussion about open source session time 1 hr
  • speak about the FSA program and announce the recruitment session time 30 mins

6 attending, including...