SUMO Asia Meeting #3

DEC 2013

Category Identity, Localization, People, Recruiting, User Support (SUMO)

Hashtag #moz_sumo

Description The goal of this meeting is to increase Inter-community Collaboration and identify ones who can take leads and can teach other community members from different Asian Countries and can outcome a solid impact on the whole SUMO project in Asia Region.

Venue Online

City Durgapur

Region West Bengal

Country India

Potential attendees:

  • SUMO contributors / Locale Leaders / Buddy program

  • Mozilla Community Leaders (who wants to build SUMO contribution team)


  • SUMO Buddy Program

  • SUMO Community Building

  • Sharing current status

  • Hardness, need some help

  • Direction & Strategies

  • SUMO Experience sharing

  • Promotion

  • Recruitment

  • Good Case Practices