SUMO Day – Firefox 54

JUN 2017

Initiative Other

Category User Support (SUMO)


Hashtag #SUMODay

Description We are having another SUMO Social and Support Forum day in celebration of the Firefox 54 launch and we would love your company and participation any time that day to answer and support our Mozilla users that come to the forums.

Venue Online

City São Paulo

Area São Paulo

Country or Region Brazil

SUMO days are a great way to meet other contributors and work together to find the early issues that come during the first two days of a release.

Last month we had some amazing help from 35 of you, I hope you bring your friends to this next one!

Let’s rally the forces this month to keep up the superhero awesomeness. If you find yourself online please also include your sumo name and availability in the Etherpad.

8 attending, including...