SUMO & L10n Week Brazil


Initiative Other

Category User Support (SUMO)

Hashtag #SUMOWeek #SUMOBR

Description Starting with Firefox version 52, the new releases will bring new features to users and developers. The L10n pt-BR team made some changes in the nomenclature of some interface items and, consequently, SUMO articles need to follow such changes. That's why we launched this campaign to update all articles about Firefox in SUMO's knowledge base.

Venue Brazil

City São Paulo

Region São Paulo

Country Brazil


Update nomenclatures in the SUMO knowledge base to support the new releases of Firefox (starting with version 52).

How to participate

1.Fill out the application form. (Read carefully the term of commitment)

2.Register your participation in event page of the Reps portal. (identify yourself with your Mozillians e-mail)

3.Access the Knowledge Base to start translating articles based on the list of articles assigned to update and new nomenclatures.

Tip: Keep online on SUMO Brasil Telegram Group to get fast support for your questions.

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