Swatantra 2014


Category Firefox OS, Location Services

Hashtag Swatantra2014

Description Swatantra is a Free Software event, “Freedom First!” organized by Government to highlight Kerala's achievements in the domain of Free Software, as well as to bring together the community to discuss priorities and action items.

Venue Hycinth hotel Trivananthapuram

City Thiruvananthapuram

Area Kerala

Country or Region India

the fifth international Free Software conference of Kerala, Swatantra 2014, scheduled during 18-20 December 2014 at Thiruvananthapuram.

The theme of the conference is “Free Software for a Free World”. This reflects emerging concerns that citizens and communities face vis-a-vis privacy, online rights & freedoms, and security at the global level. Free Software provides a viable alternative to proprietary software which often compromises on these aspects. Further, Free Software also provides a technologically robust and cost effective alternative to other genres of software for all public uses, notably in Academia, Government, and personal computing, and even in the Arts & Culture domains.

International dignitaries participating at the Conference include

  • Dr. Richard Stallman
  • Ms. Nina Paley
  • and Several luminaries from the FOSS world within the country are also expected to take part.

About 150-200 Free Software enthusiasts, including practitioners, developers, researchers, academics, students, as well as representatives from civil society institutions, industry and the Government are expected to participate in the three-day conference.