Szegedi Ifjúsági Napok 2016, Festival


Initiative Other

Category Firefox


Hashtag #szinpatikusszoftver

Description This is a festival where we can reach youngsters. * We are going to promote Firefox (desktop, mobil), Servo, Thunderbird * Since there is lots of young peple there we will promote OpenBadges * Promote webmaker and popcorn maker * Safe internet usage * Get feedbacks * Recuit new members, student ambassadors * Promoting other free softwares (Linux distributions) and communities too like OpenStreetMap

Venue Szeged, SZIN

City Szeged

Region Csongrád

Country Hungary

  • Representing communities and programs: Mozilla, LibreOffice, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Fedora


  • Fill QUIZ with visitors
  • How to contribute to Mozilla
  • Recruit new members to Mozilla
  • Talk about safe internet usage, and Sync

Other themes are:

  • Playing with Linux (WINE)
  • Introduction of free software Introduction of free culture
  • OpenStreetMap


  • Mozilla Swags

  • We have application to set up a tent during the fest in the "civil village".

  • We will record a video as last years. Do you have specific questions to the visitors?