Szegedi Ifjúsági Napok 2017, Festival


Initiative Other

Category Evangelism Product


Hashtag #szinpatikusszoftver

Description This is a festival where we can reach youngsters and users who lives far from Budapest.

Venue Szeged, SZIN

City Szeged

Region Csongrád

Country Hungary

This year at the festivals, we would like to do our duty and teach people how they can be safe on the Internet. How the users can avoid several threats, and protect themselves. Also we would like to introduce Mozilla product like Firefox and Firefox for Android, and how can the one can use them for privacy and safety. Also we would like to introduce our MozES experiential, that is a small box with packed with lots of fun, quizes and information. Addittionally we will promote open source values as outlined in the Mozilla Manifesto: Ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Yearly meeting of System administrators and other techies. As in the past few years we are going to representing communities and programs such as Mozilla, LibreOffice, Linux Mint and Fedora. We ask our guests to fill QUIZ and ask them to contribute to our communities. Additionally we kindly ask the visitors to subscribe our monthly Open Source newsletter. We are going to help users how they can customize and set Firefox at it best. Also we are seeking developers to create WebExtensions and use Rust.