Tech Evangelism Workshop (July 2015)


Initiative Tech speakers program

Category Evangelism Product

Hashtag #techevangelism

Description 2 day workshop on Tech Evangelism, covering topics like preparing for public speaking, breaking the ice, researching, preparing reusable materials, pitching and hands-on exercises.

Venue Mozilla Community Space

City Bangalore

Region Karnataka

Country India

Recording - Day 1

Recording - Day 2


Pre-event survey:

If you want to attend this workshop and have registered for it, please fill up this pre-event survey as well:

Remote participation:

Remote participation will be available via IRC/Scrollback/Video chat. (Some activities may not be available for remote participants.)

Schedule (Tentative):

Day 1 (July 11):

11:00 AM - Introductions
11:30 AM - [Session] "About public speaking"
12:00 PM - [Activity] Pick any topic. Talk for 2 minutes per person
12:30 PM - [Activity] Group of 2/3 people. Pick a tech-oriented topic. Draft points.
01:00 PM - [Lunch]
01:45 PM - [Activity] Present on chosen topic. 2 minutes per group.
03:15 PM - [Tea break]
03:30 PM - [Session] "Content first. Speaking without props"
04:00 PM - [Session] "Preparing for a larger talk. Building a story."
04:30 PM - [Activity] Writing an abstract
05:30 PM - EOD

Day 2 (July 12):

11:00 AM - [Session] "Using and building slides"
11:30 PM - [Activity] Prepare 5 slide presentation on previous day's topic
12:30 PM - [Activity] Present same topic, this time with slides. 2 minutes per group.
01:00 PM - [Lunch]
01:45 PM - [Session] "Technical writing and blogging"
02:15 PM - [Activity] Draft a blog post on topic. Individual.
03:15 PM - [Tea break]
03:30 PM - [Activity] Proof-read and publish blog post.
04:00 PM - [Session] "Content-kits"
04:45 PM - [Activity] Pick a topic. Start building content-kits.
05:30 PM - EOD


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