The #COPY-FIGHT starts from Cagliari

JUL 2017

Initiative Other

Category Advocacy and policy


Hashtag #ChangeCopyfight

Description The European Parliament is working to approve a new, regressive and dangerous copyright reform that will destroy our freedom to express and share new ideas, learn new things, create and innovate. We muster artists, creatives, innovators, researchers, educators, Web lovers and explorers. Everyone will get the chance to learn, manifest her/his creativity and connect with like-minded people. We want you, many and full of creative energies! Welcome to the #COPY-FIGHT

Venue Via Alghero, 13

City Cagliari

Region Cagliari

Country Italy

Artists, creatives, innovators, researchers, educators, Web addicted and explorers: it's time to get together!

We invite you to participate in the exceptional opening event of the summer Italian/Spanish Campaign #Changecopyright, organized by the Mozilla Foundation to fight for a free and open Internet, supporting who loves to create and share culture, information, and creativity.

1 attending, including...