The Day We Fight Back Colombia

FEB 2014

Category Privacy

Hashtag #InternetSinChuzadas

Description Mozillia Colombia volunteers, WarDesign artists and RedPaTodos colective will work together supporting locally the campaign The Day We Fight Back. We will use digital and analog medias to spread the campaing message increasing the number of signatures and people informed about privacy in Colombia.

Venue Muro de la Carrera 13 con Calle 85

City Bogota

Region Bogota

Country Colombia

About the event

This is a local effort to support the world wide campaign


  1. Social Media campaign. List of twits messages by Mozilla Colombia, Mozilla Hispano and RedPaTodos and WarDesign. The list of twits has been created by Mozilla Hispano members

  2. News: An article in Las 2 orillas or Enter.Co (an online newspapper) Members of RedPaTodos will write post in their personal blogs and an article in (a free newspapper followed by a lot of people in Colombia).

  3. Contest: The best picture with more people in the wall publised in facebook or twitter and using (both) hashtags #Wall and #TheDayWeFightBack will have a Mozilla T-shirt an some mozilla swag.

  4. Poster: A poster designed by @xpectro will be put in different walls of the city

  5. CryptoParty: After the mural, we will have a CryptoParty

5 attending, including...