UI/UX event for Firefox OS app Devs

NOV 2014

Category Firefox OS, UX

Hashtag #FxOSuiux

Description Firefox OS successfully lunched in Bangladesh. Already lots of local apps and content available at Firefox Marketplace. And the number of apps are growing. But we noticed the available apps does not looks good and attractive because of bad UI/UX design of the apps. The main reason is, lack of enough knowledge and capacity of UI/UX design of the developers. To increase the awareness and capacity of developers on UI/UX for Firefox OS apps we planned this event.

Venue Bishwo Shahitto Kendro (BSK)

City 14 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Banglamotor

Region Dhaka

Country Bangladesh

Perticipants will able to do after this event:

*Make existing app developers more aware about UI/UX.

*Learn about the workflow of a professional app development.

*Know about the tools for design, develop and test.

*Know about Marketplace etiquette for developers.

*Make their apps more visible across the marketplace and entire web.

*Know how to do Marketing for their apps.

*Hands-on-session for make a small UX design & find the faults.

Expected Outputs:

*Existing app's UI and UX will be improved from Bangladesh in the marketplace.

*A guideline/handbook for new app developers "to follow things while developing and app" will be made and will be available in MDN

*The description, screenshots, title and every other bit related to an app in the marketplace would be more user friendly.

*Attendees will have clear concept about user friendly interface and how to provide better User Experience.

*After attending this event, the attendees will be able to help us to test the UI and UX of Mozilla Products and provide better suggestions to improve.

13 attending, including...