Upstream Challenge 2014

SEP 2014

Initiative Other

Category Code Contributions


Description The Upstream Challenge is a yearly event that encourages students to contribute to Open Source projects. Last year's event made 30 contributions to Mozilla projects, and over 100 patches to other projects, including the Linux kernel, Wordpress and KDE. This year's competition is open to any student living in Romania.

Venue University Politehnica of Bucharest

City Bucharest

Country Romania

The final event has been postponed to the 27th of September.

Final ranking

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Event report

The event provided great visibility to Mozilla projects and to Open Source in general. I organized 2 workshops in order to get people to contribute more, but unfortunately only 3 patches were submitted for the competition (3 other people wrote patches, but did not enter them in the competition). I got a promise from one of the students that he will continue contributing to Firefox.

Feedback was positive, and people were very excited about this kind of project.