UX Workshop: An Introduction to How Global Companies Enhance the User Experience

NOV 2015

Initiative Community Spaces program

Category UX

Hashtag #MozillaPH #MozillaPHUX

Description User Experience (UX) of websites and apps is now more important than ever -- customers expectations are getting higher with every well-designed app and as developers, designers, and innovators, delivering top-notch UD design is a key ingredient to success. This workshop aims to introduce the contemporary UX design processes used by companies from Silicon Valley to Bangalore. Participants will spend the time on covering the theory and application of UX design concepts.

Venue Mozilla Community Space Manila

City Makati City

Region Makati

Country Philippines

About the Speaker

Regnard Raquedan is the very first Mozilla Philippines Community Manager. He is the first Pinoy to sit in the global Mozilla Reps Council.

He is a Mobile App Design Expert. Certified UX Designer. MBA Who Can Code & Design. He brings design, technology, and business thinking in developing mobile apps and websites.

He has designed a variety of apps and websites: corporate sites, social networking, online banking, airline ticketing, remote usability testing, insurance quotes, library software, car sales/service dashboards and online news.

He brings that well-rounded expertise as a User Experience Design Consultant and as Co-founder of CubbySpot.

His specialties include user experience design for both web and mobile apps, front-end web development (HTML, CSS & JavaScript), and public speaking.