Volt Festival 2014 CANCELLED


Category Campus, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS, Marketing, Mozilla Leadership Network, Open Badges, People, Public Relations, Recruiting, User Engagement

URL http://www.sziget.hu/volt/

Hashtag #szabadvoltaszoftver

Description This is a festival where we can reach youngsters. * We are going to promote Firefox (desktop, mobil, OS) and other free softwares * Promote webmaker and popcorn maker * Safe internet usage * Get feedbacks * Recuit new members, student ambassadors

Venue Sopron

City Sopron

Region Gyor-Moson-Sopron

Country Hungary

  • Representing communities and programs: Mozilla, LibreOffice, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Fedora


  • Introduce Firefox OS
  • Fill QUIZ with visitors
  • How to contribute to Mozilla
  • Recruit new members to Firefox OS Mobilizers
  • Introduce Popcorn Videomaker
  • Play Code Rush if possible

Other themes are:

  • Playing with Linux (WINE)
  • High-school graduation version of Ubuntu
  • Introduction of free software Introduction of free culture


  • Ubuntu and Fedora CDs
  • Mozilla Swags

Round table

  • State of Free software in Hungary; High-school graduation with free software
    • 1) How to became contributor
    • 2) High school gradulation with free software
    • 3) The Mozilla project: The better internet
    • 4) How to be safe on the Internet
    • 5) How to select safe password
  • Public Firefox OS presentation and appdev related infos.
  • Optional: Code Rush movie

  • We have application to set up a tent during the fest in the "civil village".

  • We will record a video as last years. Do you have specific questions to the visitors? The last year was so fun :o)