VR Camp @ Govt. Engineering College Palakkad

MAR 2020

Initiative MozActivate - WebVR Camp

Category Community support / participation

Hashtag #WebVRCamp #MozVR #MozillaKerala

Description In this event you will learn WebVR development using A-Frame framework (one of emerging future technologies by Mozilla). This event is for participants who already know HTML

Venue Govt. Engineering College Palakkad, Mannampatta, Sreekrishnapuram, Kerala 679513

City Palakkad

Area Kerala

Country or Region India

Agenda :

  • About Mozilla
  • Introduction to Opensource
  • Introduction Common Voice
  • Introduction Mozilla Account
  • About VR, WebVR & A-Frame
  • Demo of basic A-Frame scenes & apps.
  • Basic concepts of A-Frame.
  • Session on git & GitHub
  • A-Frame Concepts & implementations
  • Hands-on and build some cool VR Frames
  • Propose your idea for frame you imagine
  • WebVRKerala Community
  • Joining global VR communities

Talks scheduled for the event :

  • How can Virtual Reality do complete makeover of the computer industry.
  • WebVR, to bringing openness to the VR ecosystem.
  • Introduction to A-Frame, only framework to build WebVR content very easily.
  • Hands on session on A-Frame Concepts & implementations.
  • About the A-Frame community.

Event Organiser 1) SHEBIN KP