WebVR Camp Hyderabad


Initiative MozActivate

Category WebVR

URL https://www.meetup.com/Collab-House-A-Collaboratio...

Hashtag #WebVRCamp, #WebVRIndia

Description In this fun filled night long event you will learn WebVR development using A-Frame framework (one of emerging future technologies). This event is for participants who are selected via a registration process and we are expecting to on board many new contributors to WebVR. We will also keep few interesting Web Development talks on interesting new concepts like ES6 & Web Components.

Venue Collab House, Hyderabad

City Hyderabad

Area Andhra Pradesh

Country or Region India

Agenda :

  • About Mozilla
  • About VR, WebVR & A-Frame
  • Demo of basic A-Frame scenes & apps.
  • Entity Component System & other basic concepts of A-Frame.
  • Fun & Food.

  • WEB TALK : ES6 & tool-kits around it

  • Session on git & github
  • A-Frame Concepts & implementations
  • Chat with Kevin and the MozVR team
  • WEB TALK : Web components

  • What does the fox say Dance :D

  • A-Frame in depth & Hands-on on building advance scenes
  • Propose your idea of web - apps & build some cool VR experiences
  • Review the event, take-aways, action plan & followup plan
  • Breakfast & Good Bye

Detailed agenda : https://github.com/webvr-india/Events/blob/master/WebVRHyd.md

Speakers :

  • Ram Dayal Vaishnav
  • Tushar Arora
  • Srushtika

Register :

Register here to attend the event. We will get back to you by Oct 9th once selection process is finished.

Contact : Ram vaishnav.rd@gmail.com

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