Web VR & A-Frame @Circuito SENAI


Initiative MozActivate

Category Evangelism Product

URL https://www.sympla.com.br/projetos-de-software---1...

Hashtag #MozActivate #WebVR

Description The technology event of the National Industrial Learning Service in São Paulo that will spread modern technologies, our work in this event is to ensure that more web developers are introduced on WebVR, 3D and A-Frame to begin creating virtual reality experiences in the Web.

Venue SENAI São Paulo - Santa Cecília

City São Paulo

Area São Paulo

Country or Region Brazil

Mozilla Talk

WebVR - MozActivate Technology Talk

A-Frame is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences, making it easy for anyone to get involved with virtual reality. This will advance WebVR, an open platform for virtual reality that leverages the Web. A-Frame Slide Decks

Small booth

We're going to introduce WebVR/A-Frame with laptop, cardboards and bottons available to all people try out in our own booth.

Goal & Metrics


Onboard developers into A-Frame/3D and advance WebVR.


50 developers atteending;

40 people signed up to the A-Frame Slack channel;

40 of them to share feedback after the talk;

40 of them receiving a Thank You E-mail (a feedback form, suggestion to Tweet their experience, mention @mozillavr, #MozActivate, and #WebVRCamp, suggestion to write a blog post and share, important links and date/place of our next WebVR workshop at São Paulo).

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