Webmaker Party El Tigre

AUG 2014

Category Mozilla Leadership Network

Hashtag #WebmakerTigre

Description the event will be attended by students who are beginning the career of computer engineering at the local university. These people undertake websites with Webmaker tool and making videos with popcorn, then the pages will be uploaded to great webmaker. This event is the first webmaker party in Venezuela

Venue TBD

City El Tigre

Region Anzoátegui

Country Venezuela



  • The attendees split into groups to create brainstorming

  • Create a case study as a theme for the website *

  • Create board ideas to shape the content and structure of the page

  • Draw and color a sketch of the product development

  • Create a learner on dynamic HTML tags

  • Create accounts to upload remixes webmaker.org

  • Create the first remix using a meme

  • Create dynamic to learn about using CSS selectors

  • Learning about the attributes used in CSS and values

  • Use lenses vision of X-rays to study in depth a website.

After Lunch:

  • Do more remixes on the platform

  • Brief study of supported video formats mozilla

  • Create a video about what they learned at the party

  • Create amazing video using popcorn

  • Share developments with other groups