Windows 10 Community Activation Sherpur

NOV 2015

Initiative Other

Category Firefox


Hashtag #MozillaSEC #FFxCampaign, #FFforWin10

Description This event will help the participants to set Firefox as their default browser on their windows 10 operating system running devices. People will also learn about Firefox for Android on this event. They will be given small swags and we will discuss about the latest features of Firefox.

Venue Sherpur

City Sherpur

Region Sherpur

Country Bangladesh

  • Introductions
  • Share your story as Mozilla contributor
  • Define Goals,Target markets,Strategy
  • Flip participants back to Firefox in Windows 10
  • Make some memes by amplify the message
  • Possible ways to organize more campaigns *Ask participants for new idea how they can run this Campaign
  • throughout the year
  • Snacks
  • Feedback
  • Swag Distribution Group photo