Work-week India 2013


Category People, Public Relations

Hashtag #WorkWeekIndia

Description The Mozilla India Community is a huge group consisting of volunteers from different parts of the country, contributing to different domains of Mozilla projects. To make the community more organized and functional, the prominent work domains are recognized and made into task-forces, each having an owner.

Venue Hospitality Management Applied Training Centre, Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition

City Mumbai

Region Maharashtra

Country India

The work-week India will bring together all the task-force owners for a direct communications for better planning as well as beginning with the execution of the plans.

The work-week India is being organized to fulfill the following requirements:-

  1. To being together all the task-force owners for a face-to-face interaction for better communication (than virtually possible).

  2. To being all the task-force owners together for discussions regarding how each task-force is planning on future execution of work and if any blockages are being faced by them. The event is expected to also mark the beginning of execution of those plans.

  3. To enhance inter-task force communication just to check whether one task force is being a hindrance for another.

  4. To decide upon the next generation community-leadership to handle the inbound contribution momentum.

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