X Foro: Herramientas Tecnológicas, Software Libre y Código Abierto


Initiative Mozilla Reps Onboarding

Category Evangelism Product

Hashtag #XForoUCR

Description The UCR (Costa Rica University) invites different communities and universities that support free software, to the X Forum Technology Tools to share various topics related to technologies, open source and free software. The event is for 3 days, each day with a different central theme. Day 1. Literacy Day 2. Technical Training Day 3. Socialization

Venue UCR (Universidad de Costa Rica) - Sede del Pacífico

City Puntarenas

Area Puntarenas

Country or Region Costa Rica

Mozilla Nicaragua

The mozilla community Nicaragua is one of the invited to this forum and will take advantage of the space to promote the Activate campaign.



  • Talk # 1 Mozilla, what is it and how to be part?
  • Talk # 2 Introduction to Rust and Firefox Quantum
  • Talk # 3 Mozilla IoT
  • Talk # 4 Evolution of the Web

  • Workshop # 1 Workshop AFRAME - WebVR
  • Workshop # 2 Awesome Rust, Gnome
  • Mozilla Stand