X. Smartphone Academy 2015/3

NOV 2015

Initiative Other

Category Apps

URL https://www.facebook.com/events/1541113812847130/

Hashtag #ota10

Description The Telenor is organizing an event around AR/VR and holographic devices. Our carrier partner invited us to showcase Mozilla products, Firefox OS devices and spread love around the Open Web and other open-source values, as usual. We will be showcasing WebVR as well via the Mozilla MozVR demo kit, blending very nicely with the overall theme of the event, besides presenting the Firefox OS 2.5 version on the new Sony Z3 Compact Foxfood devices.

Venue Bálna Budapest, nagyterem

City Budapest

Region Budapest

Country Hungary

We do the usual stuff:

  • Introducing phones
  • Introducing developer phone /Flames & Z3 Compacts/
  • Introducing developer tablet /InFocus/
  • Firefox OS, Firefox for Android, Firefox presentation
  • QUIZ
  • Represent Mozilla
  • Firefox OS Photo Frame
  • Firefox OS 2.5
  • WebVR & Mozilla MozVR demos via the VR demo kit and the Oculus Rift

Previous event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_lqaaYF_5A